Monday, September 26, 2011

School Work #4

Yay, time for more progress shots. I'm realizing a trend here, most of the stuff I post is either from projects class or CG305. You can see what two classes are most important... I'm really focusing on those. I also have storyboards, environmental art, and English, in case anyone was wondering if I was taking more than two classes. English is pretty self explanatory. Don't know why I'd put up anything from there. Maybe when we get to scripting I'll see how it goes... as for Storyboarding and ART300.... honestly I just forget to put up storyboard stuff... ART300 I just don't like how any of it has been turning out...

But anyways, on to the important stuff.


Today I got surprisingly good feedback on my environment (put up in the last post). Only comments were some low-res textures and maybe extend the left platform a bit for more running space, but other than that, pretty swell. A lot of people were impressed by the fog too. Ha. Alpha planes. Gotta love 'em.

All of this has pretty much given me the time to start modeling the character himself. Oh boy! Another character model. This one is significantly less complicated than that Steampunk dude though. :P

Yup, I'm sure you remember him now from the character sheet I posted a while back. I really love how his face/head turned out. I never had such weird proportions when it came to the eyes, nose, and mouth before. Not really sure what I'm going to do about the eyes. They aren't half spheres because those simply wouldn't find in those gigantic, elongated sockets of his. Right now they are half-spheres that I flattened and then distorted. So they are a little rounded. But the pupils moving might be a problem.


Speaking of steampunk dude, I made some progress with him as well. Got him pretty much done. Got to add the lacing on his hat and finish his leg-pouch thing... yup!

Also known as Count Candyman.

For some reason his robot arm feels so much longer than his other one, but you can see they are the same length. Not sure what gives it that impression.

Also, here's another image... less colorful, I changed the materials to more matching colors... these aren't textures, just so you know. Also the fancy new color ink viewport thing in Max 2012. Very fancy. I still don't like 2012.

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  1. The ink renderer in 2011 had some interesting uses; I used to have a picture of a column that I rendered using it, and there were a few settings you could use that would make the result come out looking like an engineer's sketch of the thing.

    As for scripts... well, there's not a whole lot special about them :P It's the same as writing, just usually formatted with a lot more whitespace and more about tersely listing what happens instead of trying to illustrate it with words.