Sunday, September 25, 2011

PRJ Environment Render

Haven't been updating as often, simply because most of what I've been doing is the same... just progressing on it a little bit more. Still working on that CG305 character. Low poly model is due this Thursday, so I'll have a nice shot of him to put him once that's done.

So this entire week for projects class has pretty much been modeling, UV unwrapping, and texturing the environment (oh yeah, throw a bit of lighting in there too). It was a long haul, but I managed to do it. I'm rather impressed with myself. Over the summer during CG300 we had about 5 weeks for each of environments. We were given roughly... 1 and a half for this one. I say one and a half because the first was mostly block-in... I got a head start by modeling early though. Thank goodness for that. Unwrapping and texturing are quite time consuming. Anyways, here's a little render for the thing.

Compare this to my look and feel:

Pretty darn close!

I might make the textures a little lighter. The platforms are pretty dark. The fog is actually just two planes; one in front of the midground, and one in front of that mountain-thing in the back. Rendered some clouds in photoshop, put that on the plane, then alpha out the top gradually and there you go. Decent-looking fog. 

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