Tuesday, September 13, 2011

ArenaNet Art Test + Moar Class

Ok, so I've been working on the ArenaNet art test for the last few weeks. I'm not very confident, especially for the fact that I've had to start this model over several times. Ugh. But I am trying for the character side and so I am attempting my first creature model. Not sure if I regret this yet, since this is my first modeled quadruped, but I think I'm on the verge. Of regretting it, I mean.

image copyright (c) ArenaNet

So here's the cute little guy I chose to attempt to model. Now the pipeline for this is something I'm very unfamiliar with (hence why I've restarted a few times...). Low poly model, import to Zbursh, Sculpt, retopoligize and... textures and normal map... type... stuff... yeah. So here's what I have so far.

Yeah, not exactly impressive. Very blocky but that's the state of a low poly model. Next to import into Zbrush to sculpt, which I have hardly any experience doing. This model in its entirety is due on September 21st. My hopes aren't too high about getting it done by then... but it'll be good practice and something to add to my portfolio. And if I'm correct in assuming this is the kind of thing we're doing for the second half of the CG305 class, that means I am doing that entire half of the class in little more than a week's time if I get it done on schedule... neat.

Speaking of CG305, finished up that character design and it's all nice and shiny and ready to hand in. Well, technically I already did because I uploaded it to Moodle not a few moments ago.

I'm starting to like this dude, and I'm excited to start working on him. Granted, at first I was going to create a female character and shock everybody, but I just love my mens.

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