Monday, September 26, 2011

School Work #4

Yay, time for more progress shots. I'm realizing a trend here, most of the stuff I post is either from projects class or CG305. You can see what two classes are most important... I'm really focusing on those. I also have storyboards, environmental art, and English, in case anyone was wondering if I was taking more than two classes. English is pretty self explanatory. Don't know why I'd put up anything from there. Maybe when we get to scripting I'll see how it goes... as for Storyboarding and ART300.... honestly I just forget to put up storyboard stuff... ART300 I just don't like how any of it has been turning out...

But anyways, on to the important stuff.


Today I got surprisingly good feedback on my environment (put up in the last post). Only comments were some low-res textures and maybe extend the left platform a bit for more running space, but other than that, pretty swell. A lot of people were impressed by the fog too. Ha. Alpha planes. Gotta love 'em.

All of this has pretty much given me the time to start modeling the character himself. Oh boy! Another character model. This one is significantly less complicated than that Steampunk dude though. :P

Yup, I'm sure you remember him now from the character sheet I posted a while back. I really love how his face/head turned out. I never had such weird proportions when it came to the eyes, nose, and mouth before. Not really sure what I'm going to do about the eyes. They aren't half spheres because those simply wouldn't find in those gigantic, elongated sockets of his. Right now they are half-spheres that I flattened and then distorted. So they are a little rounded. But the pupils moving might be a problem.


Speaking of steampunk dude, I made some progress with him as well. Got him pretty much done. Got to add the lacing on his hat and finish his leg-pouch thing... yup!

Also known as Count Candyman.

For some reason his robot arm feels so much longer than his other one, but you can see they are the same length. Not sure what gives it that impression.

Also, here's another image... less colorful, I changed the materials to more matching colors... these aren't textures, just so you know. Also the fancy new color ink viewport thing in Max 2012. Very fancy. I still don't like 2012.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

PRJ Environment Render

Haven't been updating as often, simply because most of what I've been doing is the same... just progressing on it a little bit more. Still working on that CG305 character. Low poly model is due this Thursday, so I'll have a nice shot of him to put him once that's done.

So this entire week for projects class has pretty much been modeling, UV unwrapping, and texturing the environment (oh yeah, throw a bit of lighting in there too). It was a long haul, but I managed to do it. I'm rather impressed with myself. Over the summer during CG300 we had about 5 weeks for each of environments. We were given roughly... 1 and a half for this one. I say one and a half because the first was mostly block-in... I got a head start by modeling early though. Thank goodness for that. Unwrapping and texturing are quite time consuming. Anyways, here's a little render for the thing.

Compare this to my look and feel:

Pretty darn close!

I might make the textures a little lighter. The platforms are pretty dark. The fog is actually just two planes; one in front of the midground, and one in front of that mountain-thing in the back. Rendered some clouds in photoshop, put that on the plane, then alpha out the top gradually and there you go. Decent-looking fog. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

School Work #3

Well after working today, here's what I've gotten done. I finished blocking in my environment for PRJ300, it's been a little bit frustrating especially because I wish I defined what the looming shape in the back was a bit more. I kind of just went, "meh, it's a mountain, I guess people can live inside it or something," but never really plotted out the actualities of the thing. Well, since this is just a block in, it's passable for now. I'm gonna have to go back and do a little extra work though defining the shape and texture of this thing before I screw it up too badly. Other than that, I like how the rest turned out.

If you remember form my environmental sketch a few posts back, you'll know what I'm talking about. For this environment I was trying to go for a more "abandoned ruins" look since part of the assignment is showing that this location is a secret. So I had this vision in my mind for these old ruins, except they are located in the sky, high off the ground. I know how to make a nice atmosphere and clouds in Maya, but 3DSMax I'm not too sure about. But I still prefer working in Max because I'm that much more familiar with the modeling techniques, interface, and controls.

Also more modeling was done today. I made a little progress on my CG305 character, he now has a face.

This face has been the quickest one I've done, and it's also the best to turn out so far. Never been quite happy with a face yet, but I like how he looks here. There are a few adjustments I still need to make, but it turned out rather well.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Modeling Progress

So I've pretty much lost all hope on finishing my ArenaNet art test on time. I haven't worked on it since the last progress shot I put up, so it's still just a low poly model, with edge flow I still haven't fixed. I haven't touched it in ZBrush yet so I've pretty much put it to the side and am just going to focus on my schoolwork now. I still want to continue it and eventually finish it, if I made it nice I think it'd be a neat portfolio piece. Oh well, in time, and meanwhile I'll look at other company days and internships.

Speaking of modeling, been working on my low-poly model for CG305. That's right, the steam punk dude.

Hopefully it's low poly enough. I don't think I'm adding too much detail, just making sure the edges flow correctly. The head/face is going to take the longest, I know that much from experience. Still debating how to do that metal arm. I think I'll shot an e-mail asking how to deal with it.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

School Work #2

This week was a little crazy and sleep-deprived, mostly because I failed to manage my time effectively. Hopefully this will be a lesson in the weeks to come. Though I will be very lonely the rest of the semester... a certain someone will be in Japan until Feburary. I guess that gives me plenty of time to work. (I'll miss you Shigi!! I love you!! <3)

But onto more school stuff I guess. Ah, school. Sometimes I don't know whether to love it or to hate it.


Here's my little key-storyboard for projects class. I got my little dude, running, jumping, landing and walking off. When it was showed in class today I was rather surprised by the good feedback I received, and the very meaningful critique I got as well.

Make the recovery keys more clear (panels 10, 11, 12)
Add more emotion in the poses, rather than relying on facial expressions to convey it
Expression should read without facial expressions, use body language!
Needs better posing to clarify the actions
End needs more nuance, clarification on exactly what he's feeling (WHY is he prideful? Because he thought he couldn't make the jump but he did it? Or did he know he could make it all along?)
Perhaps play with some camera angles.

Pretty much the gist of the critique I received, so I'll be working that in to the story keys due next week.


Ah, CG. Burgess more or less approved my character design, but like a few others, he needed more context. Basically he asks me, what's the catch of this character? Perhaps the environment would provide more context. So I added a little bit of an environment into the character sheet.

It's hard for me to be objective about this, because I already know where my character exists, so looking at things like this I'm unsure of if I'm conveying that properly. Basically what I'm trying to show here is that it's not a generic Steampunk guy in a generic Steampunk world. What I'm going for is a guy, lives in mid-1800s London, but it's without all the kooky Steampunk-ness.Yeeah, the only Steampunk thing about this place is this guy, a genius inventor who's quite a bit ahead of his time. I sort of got this idea from watching that Will Smith movie, Wild Wild West. The setting is pretty much what you expect from a western movie, except with a Steampunk twist. Kind of what I'm going for here. So imagine this dude walking down that cobblestone road at night, holding one of those old-timey lanterns or something. the people in the town think he's insane. And maybe he's a tad crazy, but what he creates from old junk heaps miraculously work.


Should've probably put these up yesterday, but here's just a few of my sketchbook images that I'm real happy with. Our assignment was location sketches. Basically drawing stuff outside because... being inside is lame, or something.

The other part of the assignment was to storyboard a scene in a movie that you enjoy. here I chose to do one of the opening scenes in Despicable Me. I LOVE that movie. I chose the scene that introduces Grue. It's a great scene, done completely without dialogue, the character's actions tell the story. Kind of reminds me of the kind of assignments we got in the last projects class. Expression and body language make it work.

Pfff. I'm far from a master storyboard artist or anything, but I enjoyed this. I focused a lot on the character silhouettes more than anything to try and stand out. And by doing this I learned a lot... about the composition. Love how the entire time Grue is just standing over this poor child, even when he's trying to look compassionate it really comes off as condescending.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

ArenaNet Art Test + Moar Class

Ok, so I've been working on the ArenaNet art test for the last few weeks. I'm not very confident, especially for the fact that I've had to start this model over several times. Ugh. But I am trying for the character side and so I am attempting my first creature model. Not sure if I regret this yet, since this is my first modeled quadruped, but I think I'm on the verge. Of regretting it, I mean.

image copyright (c) ArenaNet

So here's the cute little guy I chose to attempt to model. Now the pipeline for this is something I'm very unfamiliar with (hence why I've restarted a few times...). Low poly model, import to Zbursh, Sculpt, retopoligize and... textures and normal map... type... stuff... yeah. So here's what I have so far.

Yeah, not exactly impressive. Very blocky but that's the state of a low poly model. Next to import into Zbrush to sculpt, which I have hardly any experience doing. This model in its entirety is due on September 21st. My hopes aren't too high about getting it done by then... but it'll be good practice and something to add to my portfolio. And if I'm correct in assuming this is the kind of thing we're doing for the second half of the CG305 class, that means I am doing that entire half of the class in little more than a week's time if I get it done on schedule... neat.

Speaking of CG305, finished up that character design and it's all nice and shiny and ready to hand in. Well, technically I already did because I uploaded it to Moodle not a few moments ago.

I'm starting to like this dude, and I'm excited to start working on him. Granted, at first I was going to create a female character and shock everybody, but I just love my mens.

Monday, September 12, 2011

School Work #1

Well, being that I'm an art student, it means I'm in the constant state of working on SOMETHING. Fall semester of my junior year started last week, so that means I'm going into my second week of the semester. So here are some things I'm currently working on.


Here's a piece from my projects class. Our main goal is to ultimately create a 3D character and environment, then animate our model running and jumping across a pit.   Of course there's more than that, we have to take into account the emotional state and motivations of our character to determine exactly HOW we animate them. But here is the basic premise so far. I got my little dude I designed, and that is the environment I designed for him to act in. here's the sheet I made for the dude, which we actually finished last year, in our character design class.


So CG305 is our Zbrush class. I'm learning the ropes now, and to start off with we need to design a character we're going to work on for the first half of the semester. I'm designing this pretty awesome steampunk dude. It's a little out of my realm, I've never really done steampunk before but I've always really admired it and thought it was awesome. So what better time to really go for it?

  So here's my dude so far. I've come up the with tentative name Dr. Alexander D. Kehoe. All right so I just used a steampunk name generator. I'm still coming up with his backstory, don't know if I want to throw him into a steampunk world or just have him be a very erratic inventor in a more normal setting. Whatever the case, what's more important now is finishing the character sheet. I still need to finish and color his 3/4 view/pose and then make the sheet's design all spiffy. Maybe add a back view when I have the time.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

1st post! Whoo!

Welcome to my art blog! Here I will be added both finished pieces and WIPs, both from school and outside of school (but mostly from school because that's all I have time for most of the time). So I guess I'll start off my blog with an introduction.

So my name is Jacqueline Sessa. I got to Digipen Institute of Technology in Redmond, WA. I do in fact still live with my parents, and I commute every day, which is a pain. Currently I'm looking into roommates to move closer to campus, so if you happen to see this and are also looking, please feel free to let me know.

I like to think I specialize mostly in character art. Since last year I've been starting to work in 3D, and it's a blast. Time flies while I'm working on modeling, and to me that's a good thing! It means I'm enjoying myself if I don't look at the clock for long periods of time while working on something.

Aside from 3D art, I'm very into other forms of digital art. I use Photoshop most of the time. Ok, here's the moment of truth. I do in fact draw in a manga/anime style but I'm trying to break the habit of it. But when it comes to my own personal projects, such as webcomics or fanart, I will use the manga/anime style simply because I enjoy it. Often I'm ridiculed for it, but I understand why. But as long as I'm improving myself and continuing to learn, I am happy.

I have a great interest in working on comics. My two great passions are drawing and telling stories, so I like to put two and two together. I have tried writing in a simple literary form, but I am not very good at it. My interests in genre are mainly sci-fi/fantasy, but I also enjoy a good western or mystery novel as well.

I think that'll do it for this first post. I hope you stick around, and visit again sometime!