Monday, December 12, 2011

Zbrush... over!!! (just about)

Well I finished up my character sheet for the quadurped!

With that, I'm just about done with Zbrush class. Why just about? Our final exam is tomorrow. Not too worried about it, seeing as it's a practical exam and so it pretty much goes over what I've been doing all semester anyways. I don't see why people get so torn up over these things. The ones I remember studying for were our first character modeling class, and leg rigging was on the exam. At that point I had only rigged legs twice... two legs on the same character. And I still don't remember how to do it off the top of my head. So it's that kind of thing I need to study for. But this is pretty much... common sense.

Anyways, ramblings aside. Just a few more classes to finish up with. Need to finish my English script, finish updating my pieces for Art300, and finish my final animatic for storyboards! Then my Christmas break can begin.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Nearly There

Well, last week to get everything done. I'm doing pretty well, I think. I'm more or less done with projects! I created a new YouTube account especially for Digipen/other art and animations for my portfolio, so I uploaded my final project there. And you can see it here.

Not all that impressive for several months of work... but I'm still happy with it. Also I think I neglected to post the character sheet... well that is up in the portfolio section if you want to see it.

Also nearly done with Zbrush. Sculpting is finished, now I'm just compositing some nice character sheets. Part of that is posing. Now posing hasn't been very nice to me in Zbrush. I tried transpose master but that hasn't worked... well... at all. So what I'm doing is importing all the subtools to Max as OBJs, moving them, then import back to Zbrush. Yes, it's a pain. But it's the last option I have and I will make this work! My biped, steampunk dude is all finished. Now I'm posing the quadruped.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Ok I haven't posted in a while. I've been pretty caught up with all the work... and haven't been very dedicated to posting WIPs all the time. That's my bad. I don't have a lot of images on me now... but here's my quadruped sculpt, which is what I have with me at the time.

I've neglected this blog too much... to sum up everything so far... I've finished polypainting both Zbrush sculpts so far. I don't have any images of the biped guy right now. As for projects, I rendered my first pass of the animation. That's right, it's mostly done! That's exciting. I'll see if I can get that up sometime too. I really need to get more images. next on the list is posing my two Zbrush sculpts.

Hard to believe the semester is almost over. Just a little more.