Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Moar Projects

Bleah, projects has been a pain. Teachers coming and going. Well, all I can hope to do is stay on top of my work. I've blocked in my animation, textured everything, and am working on lighting and cameras. Getting so close. Sooooo close. Have some stills.

Yeah... that volume light adds wonders, you don't even know. I want to somehow add a fog effect in there at some point. But I like how the lighting is coming across. Here's what it looks like in Max:

A nice little jumble there. There is a light just for his eyes which took quite a while to perfect. And now to fix the camera and start inbetweening...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

New stuff, and name change

Decided to change the name of my blog. Decided "Unidentified Flying Art" implied I did more sci-fi work than I actually did. I was going for something more interesting but... well I guess my name and "art" is the best descriptor of this blog, albeit uninteresting. Anyways. Newwww stuff.

Updated game character! Has bump and spec maps now, and textures are done. So... yeah! He's all done!

So yeah... I'm going to put this guy in my portfolio. I've been changing it up lately. Decided to take out most extraneous stuff so I can focus on character. I heard things like companies like you being specialized, and like seeing your process work too, so I might try to find some to dig up for what I have now. Luckily Siggy here, that's the name of the model, I have everything all gathered up now. From now on I'm going to make sure to keep a hold of my process work, and set it up something like this so looking through is easy:

So there's that. I need to keep making characters and I need to do more ZBrush sculpting to add!

Also some progress on my projects character. He's getting some spiffy textures too.

Those eyes I'm pretty happy with, pretty sure they're the best that have turned out so far. Wow is that an improvement from what I had before. So yeah, he's fully rigged and ready to go, and when I finish his textures he'll be going in my portfolio as well. Pretty sure I have all the process work I need for him as well. 

Heh, here's another image, you can see him rigged here but it's before I did much work on his textures.