Monday, September 12, 2011

School Work #1

Well, being that I'm an art student, it means I'm in the constant state of working on SOMETHING. Fall semester of my junior year started last week, so that means I'm going into my second week of the semester. So here are some things I'm currently working on.


Here's a piece from my projects class. Our main goal is to ultimately create a 3D character and environment, then animate our model running and jumping across a pit.   Of course there's more than that, we have to take into account the emotional state and motivations of our character to determine exactly HOW we animate them. But here is the basic premise so far. I got my little dude I designed, and that is the environment I designed for him to act in. here's the sheet I made for the dude, which we actually finished last year, in our character design class.


So CG305 is our Zbrush class. I'm learning the ropes now, and to start off with we need to design a character we're going to work on for the first half of the semester. I'm designing this pretty awesome steampunk dude. It's a little out of my realm, I've never really done steampunk before but I've always really admired it and thought it was awesome. So what better time to really go for it?

  So here's my dude so far. I've come up the with tentative name Dr. Alexander D. Kehoe. All right so I just used a steampunk name generator. I'm still coming up with his backstory, don't know if I want to throw him into a steampunk world or just have him be a very erratic inventor in a more normal setting. Whatever the case, what's more important now is finishing the character sheet. I still need to finish and color his 3/4 view/pose and then make the sheet's design all spiffy. Maybe add a back view when I have the time.

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