Sunday, September 18, 2011

School Work #3

Well after working today, here's what I've gotten done. I finished blocking in my environment for PRJ300, it's been a little bit frustrating especially because I wish I defined what the looming shape in the back was a bit more. I kind of just went, "meh, it's a mountain, I guess people can live inside it or something," but never really plotted out the actualities of the thing. Well, since this is just a block in, it's passable for now. I'm gonna have to go back and do a little extra work though defining the shape and texture of this thing before I screw it up too badly. Other than that, I like how the rest turned out.

If you remember form my environmental sketch a few posts back, you'll know what I'm talking about. For this environment I was trying to go for a more "abandoned ruins" look since part of the assignment is showing that this location is a secret. So I had this vision in my mind for these old ruins, except they are located in the sky, high off the ground. I know how to make a nice atmosphere and clouds in Maya, but 3DSMax I'm not too sure about. But I still prefer working in Max because I'm that much more familiar with the modeling techniques, interface, and controls.

Also more modeling was done today. I made a little progress on my CG305 character, he now has a face.

This face has been the quickest one I've done, and it's also the best to turn out so far. Never been quite happy with a face yet, but I like how he looks here. There are a few adjustments I still need to make, but it turned out rather well.

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