Saturday, November 5, 2011

Short Note

Sorry this isn't a real post, I have no new pictures to share right now. I know I said I'd get some shots from my quadruped modeling but again that slipped my mind...

Anyways this is just to share I decided not to keep post MMD or Metasequoia things here.

If for whatever reason you're still interested in those, I'm posting them to my other blog instead. You can find it here:

Haha, sorry for the short post guys. There'll be new pictures next week.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

School Work #9

Hey guys. I haven't posted in a little while... sorry! Time's been flying by and I'm not really sure where it's all been going. Between last post and now I surprisingly, don't have that much to show. Probably because the whole rigging/modeling progress for our projects character isn't very... well, exciting. There's not much to post on that front. But I have some new additions from Zbrush, at least.

Here's my steampunk dude... again. I continued sculpting him since Burgess wasn't satisfied with, well, any of the class's final products. So now the textures and UVs are due at the end of the semester. I spent a whole day last week UV unwrapping so at least there's that. He has texture pants, haha, but nothing else yet.

I have to say his pants and cloth parts look waaaaay better now. I added more texture to his hat, shoes, glove, and robot arm too. So hopefully Burgess sees it as an improvement too.

Also on the subject of Zbrush, we're starting our second project which is making a quadruped. We had to a creature in fantasy style... so the assignment said. I guess I misinterpreted and decked out a brontosaurus in armor. Well apparently the creature shouldn't exist... or used to exist... and we had to make our own. Whoops. Well with a few quick changes I fixed him up, and got the green-light on him.

I started modeling him today, sadly I forgot to grab some shots of it, but I'll get some tomorrow most likely.