Saturday, September 17, 2011

Modeling Progress

So I've pretty much lost all hope on finishing my ArenaNet art test on time. I haven't worked on it since the last progress shot I put up, so it's still just a low poly model, with edge flow I still haven't fixed. I haven't touched it in ZBrush yet so I've pretty much put it to the side and am just going to focus on my schoolwork now. I still want to continue it and eventually finish it, if I made it nice I think it'd be a neat portfolio piece. Oh well, in time, and meanwhile I'll look at other company days and internships.

Speaking of modeling, been working on my low-poly model for CG305. That's right, the steam punk dude.

Hopefully it's low poly enough. I don't think I'm adding too much detail, just making sure the edges flow correctly. The head/face is going to take the longest, I know that much from experience. Still debating how to do that metal arm. I think I'll shot an e-mail asking how to deal with it.


  1. Neat. What kind of poly count are you going for with this one?

    The best ones I've made were.. eeeh, quite high poly for what they were x.x

  2. For this low-poly, probably around 2000-3000 quads. I'm not sure if I should do less though because I'm aiming to take this guy into ZBrush.