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Thursday, October 20, 2011

School Work #8

Well you haven't seen the likes of this guy for a few posts now, been busy sculpting him in Zbrush. Here he is now, though I will need to polish him up more.  I want to add more textures and stitching to his clothes, but he's at a pretty good spot now.

Oh boy, and now here's a piece that actually isn't from Projects or Zbrush class. This is Art300, otherwise known as... environment class, I guess. I'm not too keen on environments, so I guess it's healthy for me to be suffering through this... or something. Anyways, here's my... what I guess you call a matte painting.

This is going to need some polishing too, obviously... oh gosh, it's worse every time I look at it.

Monday, October 17, 2011

School Work #7

Well, the textures for my PRJ300 model are now done, as are his facial morphers. Well, no, not quite, I'm going to have to edit some of his expressions, but hey! Gave myself a nice bit of time there.

The black background is temporary. Going to fix this up nicely, with a turnaround sheet that's well composed. I can throw this in my portfolio! Whoo! Though I will probably do that after he's rigged so I can put him in a pose too. Also, facials!

I'm so mad because my bottom lid goes through my eyeball

Ha, well, that's what I meant by having to edit some expressions. he looks mean here. He has smile expressions too.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

World of MMD #2

So earlier today I detailed the creation of MMD model in Metasequoia. Well it's a process I do every so often. I created Kirby last weekend, this most recent weekend I created a counterpart for him, Ribbon. If things keep up like this it might be fun to try and create one of these models every weekend. So here, let me introduce you to Ribbon.

Ribbon is actually a character from the old N64 game, Kirby and the Crystal Shards, if anyone remembers that! Her appearance was much different in game though. I've changed her a bit to how I wanted to draw her.

orthographic drawings
Now you might notice the orthographic drawings are a bit rough. They are mostly for my own use; if I was to formally present this, I would clean them up, give them nice lineart and organize them on a page. But for now, this is what it is. I don't have any intention to really present these anywhere.

So during a process that started Thursday night, I began modeling her in Metasequoia. I complete her, rig, facial animations, and physics, Sunday morning (4 AM to be exact. Then I went to bed because I can't sleep at night)

I added physics to her hair, wings, and the... well I'll call it the fringe pieces on her dress.

And here, the final result, with motion data applied in a video.

You probably notice the patches where her arms actually go through her head. Like I said before, most models are rigged to the same skeleton. However, for models with different proportions, the skeleton has to be altered to fit them, like Ribbon. Because of this, the motion data, which was meant for models with different proportions, looks a little funny. This is one of the many downsides to using motion data. I'll have to animate her myself if I want her to work properly, but for now my focus is on the models. Sure looks goofy, though.

Well from now one, when I work on these, I'll probably have more progress shots rather than just end results to show.

World of MMD

Well so far I've only been posting up my schoolwork here. I thought I might branch out and put up some things I've done in my free time. Wait, FREE TIME? What is that? Well believe it or not, I have it. Sometimes. Mostly on the weekends. How? I'm amazing. Oh, and I take a pretty good pride in time management.

But aside from that, there are little side projects I work on sometimes. Mostly for a program called "Miku Miku Dance." It's a program used to create 3D animations. Along with two more programs, Metasequoia and PMD Editor, you can create models and animate them in MMD. I don't know, it's something I do for fun and practice my 3D modeling. The models I create in Metasequoia or usually very simple and require little UV unwrapping and texturing, so I can rig and finish them must more quickly. So here are some things I've done.

Last weekend I made a model of "Kirby" based on the little pink fluffball from the Nintendo games. A while ago, I guess that'd be my high school years now... wow, has it been so long that I can look back on those and reminiscence? I guess so. Anyways back then I had made a human variation of him. A very simple and cute design.

The desu

Well for fun I decided to model him in the Metasequoia program. It is a 3D modeling program, much more simplified than Max or Maya. That makes it both easier and harder to work with at the same time... I mean that because there are some functions missing that I am use to, but it's also easier to work with some things. The interface also took a long time to get used to.

Orthographic drawings

My main problem with metasequoia is that the UV unwrapping isn't very intuitive... or at least, I haven't found a way to do it well yet. the best option I've found is just projecting the UVs. There is no pelt, relax, or unfold options. So I don't know a better way to do this.

Anyways, finish modeling in Metasequoia, and export the model. Then I load it into PMD Editor. This creates a PMD, the type of file used in MMD. In PMDe I rig the model with bones, and add facial expressions. In MMD there is a physics engine which actually takes care of all the secondary and overlapping animation, if applied correctly of course. It took a while to figure out the physics engine and I'm still learning. But I applied physics to Kirby's hair, hood, and the pullstrings of his hoodie. So when he animates, those parts move automatically! It might not sound convincing.

Anyways, after the rigging is done, I can load the finished model into MMD. And now I can have all the fun I want with it. Though MMD is an animation program, I don't find it very intuitive. There is no way to "scrub" between frames, or at least I haven't found a way. As of now I have no worthwhile animations, but thanks to the community surrounding the program, people will animated models and give out the "motion data." Most models are rigged to a uniform skeleton, so this motion data can be shared easily!

So far, that's what I've done. I will apply motion data I like to my models and they will animate, and well, helps me show them off. Here's pretty much the end product.

I would like to restate that I DID NOT animate the model! I created the model. I used the motion data used by someone else to animate it. But here you can see how the physics work as secondary animation. It's pretty neat.

Anyways, I'm fairly fascinated with MMD and the other programs I use with it. I like doing these kinds of things for fun. Now that I've explored it here, I might add more production images of while I'm creating models in Metasequoia.

On a final note, MMD, PMDe, and Metasequoia are Japanese programs. They originated in Japan. So yes, that is the kind of thing they are gears towards.

School Work #6

It's been a while, it's been hard to update lately because well, there wasn't a lot to show during the unwrapping process. But I've been texturing my PRJ300 character. Looking pretty good. These pictures below are a little outdated, I've since finished texturing, so the bottom of his tunic is done.

I've been managing to get this done in a pretty timely batter, so I decided to take this guy into Zbrush. I only sculpted out some folds on his tunic and belt, but it makes a difference! I created normals from the high poly Zbrush model and put them on the low poly. Great effect.

And the same amount of geometry. I like normals, when they work.

I'll try get some more updated shots this week. Been working on facial morphers for now. Can't wait to get him rigged, then I'll have actual animation to show.

Monday, October 3, 2011

School Work #5

Hey! I had PRJ300 today and I got amazing feedback for my environment! Amazing meaning it was less of critique this time around, and more just general compliments from the professor himself. YAY. Mission accomplished, or something. Just watch, Jimbo will hate it by next week. Ahh.

Speaking of projects, I finished modeling my little dude. Working on UV unwrapping, but hey! I like how he looks.

Well actually his eyes are the only thing I've unwrapped and textures so far. Reason those went first was because I was trying a wacky eye-rigging technique. This guy's eye sockets are oddly shaped and normal sphere wouldn't fit in there correctly. So I ended up looking at some tutorials, and I managed to find one that suited my needs. I'll throw it here, just because of how handy it was. Others may want to reference it, even if they don't have cartoony eyes, because it shows some pretty neat stuff you can do with them.

Obviously I made a texture instead of doing the sub-object materials, and I didn't have lids the same way this guy did them, since I put my eyes into a face. I did want to use the pupil size slider, but that ended up breaking my UVs every time I tried to use it.

In other news, I actually finished modeling my CG305 model as well! I exported him as an object and put him in Zbrush, and after a few edits after that, he's in pretty good shape. I did end up changing some of his facial geometry, but it's for the better.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Environment, master shot

Well I don't have a lot of pics today... I made more progress on my PRJ300 alien character as well as my CG305 steampunk dude, but I didn't snap any pictures before I left the campus today. I'll probably have those tomorrow though.

What I do have right now is an updated version of my environment. Yeah, it was pretty much done, but I updated the textures a bit and widened the platform up front so there is more space for the run animation. Here is a bigger, wider "master shot."