Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Hey! Well I'm doing a pretty bad job so far keeping this thing updated. I really meant to post some progress shots but with how fast I've been getting with modeling, I got done pretty quick! So both for CG350 and PRJ350 I've finished the models, unwrapped them, and am working on the textures for both. Well, I have to say I'm pretty impressed with myself. Here's some shots.

Here's the projects character. I JUST got the base colors for the textures down now, so he's pretty plain at the moment. I did something new for the eyes so hopefully they won't be too "doll-like." I used tips from Adam Baroody, here:

Hopefully the eyes turn out all right. They don't look spectacular yet because I don't think I have the shaders right. 

On the CG350 side of things I have the character model done, and am a little further on the textures for that guy. I gave him to the team animator already so hopefully the rigging is going well. I'm glad I only have to rig my projects character.

His face is just a texture since we don't have any different facial expressions because you see him from the back most of the time. The original placeholder art for the face was something magical. The colors are a little off here, especially the browns, but they look all right when I render it rather than just taking screengrabs from Max. 

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