Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hello again!

Well it's been a while, hasn't it! Well, the second semester has now officially started after being temporarily delayed by a snow week.

So, classes this semester are as follows:

ART 234 (sequential art)
FLM 201 (cinematography)
PHY115 (uuuuugggh)
CG350 (unity/game class)

I am excited about all of the classes, except for physics and film. Cinematography is interesting I guess, but it really is quite boring and I'd rather be working on the other classes. And physics... well, I have never been a fan of math.

Projects class is going to be pretty much the same as last semester. This time instead of the uniform run, jump, and walk, we get to make our own little cinematics. Basically most of us already planned our out in storyboards last semester, so we have a little leg up there. We had a choice to do something completely new, or we could use an older version of our character from last semester. I chose the second one. I had a few new ideas, but ultimately I couldn't work them out... so I am working with a character I know pretty well by now. Plus I get to make some improvements based on where I failed last semester.

Of course I will be completely remodeling him though! And he gets a snazzy new outfit. And goggles.

Awe yeah, he's pretty spiffy. Also I get to rig and animate flowy bits. Yay. I guess.

I'm pretty excited about ART234. I'm really into comics and I'm really eager to improve during the course of this class.

CG350 is also going to be great, I can tell. We're on teams in this class, and we're making our own game in the Unity engine! I'm the character artist, but after I finish the character I'll get to start modeling environmental stuff. Pretty much what we've decided for our game is some kind of take on Hansel and Gretel, but a bit more modern (or not. The timeline keeps changing without anyone knowing?). We'll have a fairly realistic forest, and then a more colorful candy-themed environment with a maze and gingerbread house.

Here's my character design:

Yay, another character sheet! I had a lot of fun making this guy, making sure I had a design both me and my team liked so I would enjoy working on him. The model will be started soon! I already started the character model for my PRJ350 guy. So I'll be working on both pretty much at the same time. 

Well I think that's pretty much all the updating needed for now. Until next time.

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