Sunday, October 16, 2011

School Work #6

It's been a while, it's been hard to update lately because well, there wasn't a lot to show during the unwrapping process. But I've been texturing my PRJ300 character. Looking pretty good. These pictures below are a little outdated, I've since finished texturing, so the bottom of his tunic is done.

I've been managing to get this done in a pretty timely batter, so I decided to take this guy into Zbrush. I only sculpted out some folds on his tunic and belt, but it makes a difference! I created normals from the high poly Zbrush model and put them on the low poly. Great effect.

And the same amount of geometry. I like normals, when they work.

I'll try get some more updated shots this week. Been working on facial morphers for now. Can't wait to get him rigged, then I'll have actual animation to show.

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