Monday, October 3, 2011

School Work #5

Hey! I had PRJ300 today and I got amazing feedback for my environment! Amazing meaning it was less of critique this time around, and more just general compliments from the professor himself. YAY. Mission accomplished, or something. Just watch, Jimbo will hate it by next week. Ahh.

Speaking of projects, I finished modeling my little dude. Working on UV unwrapping, but hey! I like how he looks.

Well actually his eyes are the only thing I've unwrapped and textures so far. Reason those went first was because I was trying a wacky eye-rigging technique. This guy's eye sockets are oddly shaped and normal sphere wouldn't fit in there correctly. So I ended up looking at some tutorials, and I managed to find one that suited my needs. I'll throw it here, just because of how handy it was. Others may want to reference it, even if they don't have cartoony eyes, because it shows some pretty neat stuff you can do with them.

Obviously I made a texture instead of doing the sub-object materials, and I didn't have lids the same way this guy did them, since I put my eyes into a face. I did want to use the pupil size slider, but that ended up breaking my UVs every time I tried to use it.

In other news, I actually finished modeling my CG305 model as well! I exported him as an object and put him in Zbrush, and after a few edits after that, he's in pretty good shape. I did end up changing some of his facial geometry, but it's for the better.

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